About Us

My name is Katherine Herrington and I was born and brought up in a farming community in North Yorkshire.  We had Fox Terriers, and the farm had Sheep Dogs.

In 1971, four years after we got married we bought a Bungalow, a year later whilst on holiday we met a Smooth Dachshund, we went and bought books about the Dachshund and decided it was the breed for us, so in October 1972 we bought a standard Smooth Dachshund 'Lucy of Linden'.  We had Ten years of living with our lovely Lucy and learning about dachshunds, she died in 1982.

In November 1983, We Bought two Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund Litter Sisters from Jean Lamb of the Howrigg kennels, they were of the Stargang and Pipersvale lines.  With Jean's encouragement I started showing, my first show was The North Eastern Dachshund Club Open Show in April 1984 where our Howrigg Sunset was Best Puppy in Breed.

I Bred my first Litter in December 1985 and registered my affix of 'Kathington' in 1986.

I started judging in 1987 and first awarded Challenge Certificates in Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds at Bath Championship Show in 1999 and now award CC's in all the six Varieties of Dachshunds.

I was invited to be a Committee Member of East Yorkshire Dachshund Club in 1984.  I have been Treasurer of the Club for 20 Years, and the Chairman for the past 15 Years.

I was a founder Member of the Smooth Haired Dachshund Club established in October 2001 and have been their Treasurer from the Beginning.  I am now the Secretary of the Club and have held this post for the last 2 Years.

When the Dachshund Breed Council was formed I was invited to be the Treasurer and I still hold this position.

My Dachshunds are always and have been family to me, whether big winners or not they stay with me till they pass on, and they have all helped in research for any health issues within our breed.


Katherine Herrington